Review & Test Code Output
Test with Litmus

Test with Litmus

Kombai provides direct integration with Litmus to test the auto-generated code as an inbox preview. It is the fastest and simplest way to get email clients' preview inside Kombai.

Kombai supports Litmus preview for the most popular devices and email clients. Under the Device dropdown, select any of the available devices to preview the Kombai-generated code.


Note: This feature is currently available to our users on Business plan.

Following are the devices and email clients on which you can test the generated code:

Available devices and email clients
iPhone 14 - Gmail
iPhone 14
iPhone 14 Pro Max
Pixel 4 - Gmail
Outlook iOS 14
Apple Mail 15
Gmail (Chrome)
Outlook 2016 (macOS)
Outlook 2019 Windows 10
Outlook 2021 Windows 10

Test the generated code with Litmus

Follow the steps below to test the Kombai-generated with Litmus:

  1. Load the design in Kombai.
  2. Hover on the send icon in the preview pane.
  3. Click on Test with Litmus.
  4. Select the device and client you want to test.
  5. Click on to close the Client Preview(see the screenshot below).

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

My email preview does not look right when testing with Litmus

If the preview of a client has not processed properly, click on to reprocess the preview(see the screenshot below).

How to download the preview of a specific client when testing with Litmus?

To download the preview for a specific client:

  1. Select the client under Device dropdown.
  2. Click on to download the preview screenshot.