Mark Sections to Replace in ESP/MAP

Mark Sections to Replace in ESP/MAP

Kombai allows you to mark sections in your design as replaceable for Klaviyo. Once you have marked the sections and exported the code, you can replace them with blocks or images inside Klaviyo to send personalized campaigns.

This feature is currently available to our users on the Business plan.


Note: Kombai also supports text-editing capabilities in Klaviyo-replaceable sections. This feature allows you to edit text within these sections as well as to replace them entirely. If you are on the Business plan, please contact to access this feature.

When to mark sections as Klaviyo-replaceable?

Here are a few use cases where you may have to mark sections as Klaviyo-replaceable:

To add custom header and footer in Klaviyo

Businesses often have their header and footer pre-built inside ESPs and MAPs that are uniformly used across all emails. In such cases, you can mark the header and footer as Klaviyo-editable in Kombai. Afterward, you can replace the current header and footer with the universal header and footer built in Klaviyo.

To add product blocks in Klaviyo

Product blocks are generally dynamic as they need to be continuously updated with new visuals and pricing. You can mark these blocks and later replace them in Klaviyo.

How to mark sections as Klaviyo-replaceable?

Follow the steps below to mark sections as Klaviyo-replaceable:

  1. Load the design in Kombai.

  2. Click and select Mark Sections to Replace in ESP.

  3. Mark the header and footer sections and confirm.


Note: If the header or footer layers in your design are not grouped or framed- select all the concerned Figma nodes, right click and select Group Selection or Frame Selection. Then, add that group or frame to the Selected Layers(see the example below).

Export code to Klaviyo

Visit the Export to ESPs/MAPs doc to learn how to export the auto-generated code to Klaviyo along with the marked editable blocks.