Mark Elements to Edit in ESP/MAP

Mark Elements to Edit in ESP/MAP

Kombai allows you to mark texts and images in your design as Klaviyo-editable. Once you have marked the elements and exported the code, you can edit & replace them inside Klaviyo to send personalized campaigns.

This feature is currently available to our users on the Business plan.

When to mark text & images as Klaviyo editable?

Here are a few use cases where you may have to mark text & images as Klaviyo editable:

To edit text elements for editing in Klaviyo

Often, text elements in the email design need to be updated periodically, e.g., the price of the products displayed in the email. You can mark all those text elements as Klaviyo-editable and make the relevant changes afterward in Klaviyo.

To replace product images in Klaviyo

Product Images often need to be replaced to stay updated. Therefore, it's essential to be flexible while designing emails containing product images. Prior to downloading the code, you can mark all the product images used in the email as Klaviyo-editable. Afterward, you can easily replace them with new ones in Klaviyo.

To create a completely editable template

Email marketers often create email templates to reuse multiple times in the future. Once the layout of the template is defined, the visuals and values are continuously updated over time. To create a fully editable email template for Klaviyo, you can mark all the texts, images, and sections as Klaviyo-editable in Kombai.

How to mark text & images as Klaviyo-editable?

  1. Load the design in Kombai.

  2. Click in the preview pane and select Mark Elements to Edit in ESP.

  3. In the Texts section, select all the texts you want to mark as editable.

  4. In the Images section, select all the images you want to mark as editable and confirm.

Mark all text and images as Klaviyo-editable

Kombai also allows you to set a default behavior to mark all the text and images as editable. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to Settings and scroll to Set Default Preference for Marking Elements to Edit in ESP.
  2. Select Mark all texts and images as editable to make all the texts and images as editable, by default.
  3. If you have already selected Mark all texts and images as editable and want to change this behavior, select Don't mark any texts and images as editable.

Note: Default settings will only be applied when no customizations have been made to Mark Elements to Edit in ESP.

Export code to Klaviyo

Visit the Export to ESPs/MAPs doc to learn how to export the auto-generated code to Klaviyo along with the marked dynamic blocks.