Localize Email is currently in closed beta. If you are in Premium plan or above and want access to this feature, please reach out to support@kombai.com

Localize Email

Kombai supports localization of the input design. We provide auto-translation of the texts used in source design as part of the localize email feature. The design can be translated to 75 different languages.

Once you translate the design into another language, Kombai generates a copy of the original design in the translated language.

Follow the steps below to translate the source design to your language of choice:

  1. Load the design in Kombai.

  2. Click in the preview pane.

  3. Select Localize Email.

  4. Type your source language, language you want to get your mail translated.


Note: By default, English is selected as the source language. If your design has another source language, type it in the source language input box.

  1. Click Proceed with Selection.

  2. Click Download XLSX or I already have file(if you have one).


Note: If you do not want translated texts but the source language texts only, de-select Auto-tranlate texts with AI before downloading the code.

  1. Upload the XLSX file to Kombai and click on Go to new localized design to select the newly generated translated design.

Note: We recommend verifying any merge tags you have used for personalization in the new localized copy of your email.

  1. Click Regenerate Code button in the preview tab to generate the code for the selected translated design.