Convert Layers to Images

Convert Layers to Images

Kombai allows you to convert specific Figma layers to images. Once you add the layers and confirm, Kombai will convert them to images and regenerate the code to include them.

This feature is currently available to our users on Premium plan or above.

How to convert layers to images?

Follow the steps below to convert layers to images:

  1. Load the design in Kombai.
  2. Click and select Convert Layers to Images.
  3. Add all those Figma nodes you want to convert to images.

If the selected node has any children, the children nodes will also be converted to images by default.

  1. Click Confirm.

Best practices for marking layers as images

For an optimum experience, we suggest you keep note of the following best practices while marking layers as images:

  1. If the selected group or frame has any CTA button or link, it is best to move that CTA button or link outside the parent node. This prevents them from becoming part of that image.

  2. If the selected group or frame has any ESP/MAP variable text as children, it is best to move that text outside the parent group or frame. This prevents the ESP/MAP variable text from becoming part of the image.

  3. Sending image-only emails is not considered a good practice. We recommend marking only those layers as images where it is crucial to maintain 100% visual fidelity across all email clients. This also ensures high deliverability for your emails.