Kombai User Documentation

Welcome to our public research preview.

Kombai is a generative AI tool for generating email and web code from designs. It is an ensemble of several deep learning and heuristic models. We introduced a new concept of using designs as a prompt to generate code. This allows us to generate code for any design, even if it is not in the training data. It also means you can tweak the design a little to get the code you want.

Kombai for Email

Kombai for Email helps you generate HTML emails for your designs in a single click. Our auto-generated code uses table structure with appropriate <table>,<tr>,<td> tags, and CSS that is widely supported across all major email clients.

For more information, visit the below docs:

Kombai for Web

Kombai for Web helps you generate high-quality React and HTML + CSS code for your designs, in just one click per component. Our models are trained to understand designs like humans.

For more information, visit the below docs:

Other Documents

We are excited to share our work with you and look forward to your feedback.