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Tailwind + Figma - 7 Top UI kits to quickly build your prototype

Published on: May 31, 2023

Designing beautiful and responsive web applications can be a challenging task, requiring a combination of creativity and technical skill. Fortunately, developers can leverage powerful tools like Figma and Tailwind CSS to streamline their workflow and create stunning interfaces quickly and efficiently.

In this article, we'll explore the world of Tailwind CSS and Figma UI kits, showcasing some of the top Tailwind + Figma UI kits available in the market. We'll start by discussing the fundamentals. From there, we'll delve into some of the most popular UI kits like Flowbite, Tailgrids, TailAdmin, Preline UI Figma, and others.

Each kit offers a unique set of features and design elements, providing designers and developers with the flexibility and versatility needed to create custom and responsive layouts quickly. So, let's start and see how Tailwind CSS and Figma UI kits can help you in design and development.

What is a UI kit?

A UI (User Interface) kit is a collection of pre-designed user interface components, elements, and layouts that can be used to build visually appealing, functional, and responsive web applications. These kits usually include common UI elements such as buttons, form elements, icons, typography, and navigation menus, among others. Designers and developers can use UI kits as a starting point for their projects, saving time and effort in the design process, while ensuring consistency and a professional look.

Using a UI kit built with Tailwind CSS and Figma allows you to leverage the benefits of both tools. Tailwind CSS is a popular utility-first CSS framework that enables rapid and efficient styling of web applications. Figma, on the other hand, is a widely-used design tool that allows designers and developers to collaborate in real-time, creating and editing vector graphics and user interfaces.

Top Tailwind + Figma UI Kits

In this section, we will highlight some of the best Tailwind CSS and Figma UI kits, covering their features, design elements, and how they can help you streamline your design process.


Flowbite is a comprehensive UI kit that combines Tailwind CSS with Figma design components, providing a seamless workflow for designers and developers. As of May 2023, it offers a vast library of over 600+ UI components, sections, and pages that are designed in Figma and are built with utility classes of Tailwind.

In terms of design, Flowbite exhibits a modern, minimalistic aesthetic that is highly adaptable. It emphasizes simplicity and functionality over unnecessary decorations, resulting in interfaces that are clean, uncluttered, and focused. This design approach is known for its effectiveness in improving user comprehension and navigation.

Designed with a mobile-first philosophy, it ensures your web application remains visually appealing and functional on any device.


Tailgrids is a Figma community project that offers a set of free, responsive, and customizable Figma components built with Tailwind CSS.

As of May 2023, it includes 500+ UI components, such as buttons, forms, tabs, alerts, and more. Each of these components comes with a unique and refreshing design and are ready to be copy pasted in your project. These components are further categorized into different sections: Application UI, Marketing UI, E-Commerce, Core Components and Dashboard.

Tailgrids also focuses a lot on developer experience and is designed and organized in such a way that saves hours of time of developers. Overall, it's excellent resource for developers and designers looking for a lightweight, flexible, and cost-effective solution to kick-start their design process.

Tailwind Flex

Tailwind Flex stands out with its stunning roster of over 700 pre-designed components, all developed with performance and usability in mind. The vast number of components offers unparalleled flexibility, catering to diverse project requirements from basic landing pages to complex web applications.

Tailwind Flex also has various predefined color schemes and font pairings that come with the kit. Designers can choose from numerous unique combinations, reducing the time spent on aesthetic decisions and ensuring a cohesive design language across the project.

Moreover, Tailwind Flex has a well-organized file structure, with every component categorized and named logically. This structure, coupled with comprehensive documentation, eases the learning curve, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced designers.


TailAdmin , a Freemium Figma UI kit, carves its niche in the design market by focusing on admin panels and dashboards. As of May 2023, it comes with over 200 pre-built components, including various forms, tables, and charts, all customizable to fit specific project requirements.

It's a kit that goes the extra mile by offering pre-built page layouts, such as login and registration pages, error pages, and dashboard overview pages. This added convenience of ready-to-use page layouts enhances productivity and ensures a uniform user experience across your application.

TailAdmin also pays particular attention to data visualization. Its selection of charts and graphs, designed with clarity and readability in mind, enables designers to present complex data in an easily digestible format.

Preline UI Figma

Preline UI Figma sets the bar high by being the world's largest free Figma design system. As of May 2023, it provides 5000+ design components and variants, featuring a modern and clean design language that aligns with the latest design trends.

The components are built with balanced proportions and maintain consistency in style. From buttons to form elements, cards, and navigation menus, every component carries a touch of minimalistic elegance. This ensures that irrespective of the component you use, it will seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetic of your project.

It also includes a comprehensive style guide, providing detailed information about color usage, typography, spacing, and more. This guide, combined with the flexibility of Tailwind CSS, enables designers to maintain design consistency while allowing room for customization.

Kyoto UI

Kyoto UI is Figma kit that is designed to build high converting landing pages. It offers a set of 500+ UI components and variants, all designed with a unique, modern look that is sure to captivate users.

Kyoto UI is TailwindCSS ready and contains the structure of Tailwind's utility classes throughout the kit. Additionally, it supports 100+ global styles(e.g. colors, typography, gradients, etc.)

Kyoto UI also incorporates expressive illustrations and descriptive icons that enrich the user experience ensuring that careful attention to detail has been paid to all aspects of the design.


Landify is a thoughtfully crafted UI kit designed for creating compelling and high-performing landing pages, similar to Kyoto UI.

As of May 2023, Landify offers 170+ organized blocks and 500+ components and variants. It presents a modular approach, where each component, such as hero sections, feature lists, testimonials, and pricing tables, is designed to work individually and collectively, fostering design consistency.

Additionally, it also offers substantial flexibility for customization, enabling you to adapt its components to fit your project's unique needs.


The UI kits mentioned in this article, such as Flowbite, Tailgrids, TailAdmin, Preline UI Figma, Kyoto UI, and Landify, offer a wide range of features and design elements that cater to different needs and preferences. Take your time to explore them and then choose the one that best suits your project's requirements.

Remember that experimentation and customization are key to finding the perfect design solution for your project. Don't hesitate to mix and match components from different UI kits or modify them to fit your unique requirements. The more you adapt and personalize these pre-built resources, the more your web application will stand out and leave a lasting impression on your users.

Happy Coding!