Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Kombai for Email

Frequently Answered Questions(FAQs)

Q1. An element in my email design looks center aligned in Figma, but is not centrally aligned in code.

A: To check the placement of an element, hold Alt(in Windows) and Option(in MacOS), hover on the selected element and make sure that the distance of the element is same on left and right sides. If it is a text, additionally check that Figma's Auto width property is enabled, and Line Height is set to Auto(unless really required to change) before checking the placement.

Q2. The button inside the generated email is not clickable in my email client.

A: Make sure you have added hyperlinks to text and images. Once done, Kombai will attach that link in the HTML email code of that button. To know more about how to add hyperlinks in texts and images, click here (opens in a new tab).

Q3. The text in my email does not look same as the text of the Figma design.

A: For your text to resemble the design as accurately as possible, we recommend the following tips:

  • Use the appropriate case in the text element instead of adding the Case property in Figma text settings.

  • Non-web safe fonts are not supported in all email clients. So, they will mostly not look same across all clients. However, you can add fallbacks for all non-web-safe fonts used in the design. To know how to add font fallbacks, click here (opens in a new tab).

  • Enable the Auto width property of Figma, and set the Line Height to Auto for the concerned text node.

Q4. Border radius for a few email elements is not reflecting in some email client.

A. border-radius CSS property is not widely supported in all email clients. To know out how to fix it, click here (opens in a new tab).